Using Technology to Solve Restaurant Challenges

The restaurant industry faces staffing issues, changing customer expectations, and tight margins with rising food costs.

Technology can help streamline the operations side while also delivering a consistent customer experience with easy integration into your current systems, keeping costs down.

One piece of technology that is an advantage for restaurants is the kiosk self-ordering platform. Customers can place their order through the kiosk interface that includes a full menu, allows for customization, and also addresses staffing issues. The kiosk also doubles as a form of marketing with its large displays by advertising your promotions and products when not in use.

Self-ordering kiosks help address staffing issues while even helping businesses save money on labor costs. Kiosks offer flexibility on staffing issues by allowing cashiers to be moved to different areas as needed since customers will now be able to place their own orders.

Most customers are looking for more tech-related solutions that make browsing, ordering, and paying easier than ever, especially the younger generation who actually prefer to order on kiosks than to order face-to-face. Using technology like kiosks also allows the company to update their menus, promotions, and nutrition information at any time without having to re-print menus.

With tight margins, kiosks give you the ability to promote more profitable products, and to upsell and cross-sell when needed.

Questions to ask yourself to see if there is a business need…

1. Does your restaurant suffer from staffing shortages?

2. Have your customers’ expectations changed? Are you meeting those expectations?

3. Do you experience a high error rate resulting in waste?

4. Problems responding to customer demands with technology?

5. Competition has kiosk technology?

6. Are supply chains impacting menu availability?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a kiosk self-ordering solution may be a benefit to your business.

Did you know that EZ-Chow is now offering digital ordering kiosks? If you want to take advantage of all the above-listed benefits of having kiosks like reducing labor costs, wait times, improving order accuracy, and increasing revenue then contact us so we can help you!

To learn how EZ-Chow can help you with these initiatives and more, get started by contacting us here.



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