Reach & Reward More Customers with Our Integrated Loyalty Solution

Rewards & Loyalty

Compromise-Free Customer Loyalty

Elevate your dining experience with our exclusive restaurant loyalty program, powered by Paytronix.

  • Earn points
  • Enjoy priority reservations, and
  • Savor early access to new menu items.
  • Plus, get invited to exclusive events and partner discounts.


Our customer loyalty program also extends beyond the restaurant. Benefit from partner discounts and promotions, enhancing your overall lifestyle. Whether it’s discounts on spa treatments, fitness classes, or entertainment, your loyalty rewards are versatile and valuable.

Restaurant Loyalty Program
Maximize Revenue with Our Loyalty-Driven Restaurant Software for 80% Growth.

Customer & Brand Loyalty

Discover tools to supercharge sales, enhance loyalty, and drive growth. Elevate revenue, nurture relationships, and succeed.

Know Your Customers

Understanding customer preferences, purchase frequency, and order history is vital. It enables tailored marketing, boosts sales, improves retention, and streamlines inventory. This data-driven approach enhances competitiveness and fosters long-term growth.

Easy Integration

EZ-Chow’s platform smoothly merges with leading POS systems, optimizing operations and enhancing customer experiences for food businesses.

Leveraging Loyalty Programs for Business Success and Key Insights
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increase in order frequency when paired with a loyalty program
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Embark on the Next Era of Restaurant Ordering

Data and Insights

Driving data in restaurants involves collecting customer information, analyzing trends, and generating actionable insights. This process enhances operations, increases sales, and personalizes customer experiences, fostering long-term success.

Reach, Retain & Regain

Attract new customers with enticing loyalty incentives, gather valuable data for insights into their preferences, and employ a personalized communication plan to maintain engagement. This cycle fosters brand loyalty and sustainable growth by tailoring interactions and incentives to each customer’s unique behavior and needs.

Boost revenue through EZ-Chow's Reward & Loyalty program

“We are very excited about the loyalty program integration with the EZ-Chow online solution and how our Copeland’s of New Orleans guests are going to beneft from joining our Lagniappe Club and how we can use the loyalty data to ofer a more personalized experience”

- Bill Goudey, Managing Partner of Copeland’s of New Orleans, Atlanta Franchisee.

Quote from Copeland's

Safeguard Your Restaurant's Data with EZ-Chow's Reliable Solution

Attract & Enroll

Entice customers to join your programs through a multi-channel approach. Clearly communicate the benefits—cost savings, rewards, exclusivity—via websites, social media, emails, and engaging content. Simplify sign-ups, share success stories, and offer time-limited promotions to boost enrollment. Keep members engaged with personalized communication and seek their feedback for continuous improvement. Analyze channel effectiveness to optimize results.


Leveraging transaction data enables businesses to craft personalized programs. By analyzing purchase history, preferences, and behavior, these programs offer tailored rewards, recommendations, and communication, enhancing the customer experience, boosting engagement, and fostering loyalty.


User-friendly marketing tools simplify the creation of compelling messages for boosting ticket sales, upselling, creating purchase urgency, and encouraging repeat visits. These tools enable businesses to craft persuasive, visually appealing messages swiftly and effectively, driving revenue and loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

EZ-Chow’s loyalty program is powered by Paytronix, providing customer engagement solutions and loyalty programs for restaurants, retail chains, and convenience stores. It offers programs and tools to increase sales, customer loyalty, and repeat sales. The program allows businesses to learn more about their customers’ preferences, purchase frequency, and order history. EZ-Chow’s digital ordering platform can integrate with leading Point-of-Sale systems, making it easy to enable the loyalty program.

Loyalty programs aid in customer retention by providing incentives and personalized communication to reach, retain, and regain customers [1]. EZ-Chow’s loyalty program, powered by Paytronix, offers tools to increase sales, customer loyalty, and repeat sales. By collecting and analyzing customer data, businesses can gain insights to drive growth [1]. EZ-Chow’s digital ordering platform can integrate with leading Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. Loyalty members tend to spend more, and businesses can learn about their preferences, purchase frequency, and order history. The program aims to create an easy loyalty rewards experience for both businesses and customers.

Restaurant owners measure the success of their loyalty programs by tracking metrics like sales, customer retention, engagement, data insights, and feedback. Analyzing these factors helps evaluate the program’s effectiveness and make necessary adjustments for optimization.

A customer loyalty program enhances marketing strategies by providing programs and tools that increase sales, customer loyalty, and repeat sales [2]. It allows businesses to know their customers better by learning about their preferences, purchase frequency, and order history. Research has shown that customers who join loyalty programs tend to spend more. The program also provides valuable data and insights, helping businesses analyze customer behavior and create personalized experiences [2]. Additionally, the loyalty program helps reach, retain, and regain customers by offering incentives, gathering data, and implementing personalized communication plans.

Restaurants, retail chains, and convenience stores can enjoy exclusive benefits and perks by joining EZ-Chow’s loyalty program. These benefits include maximizing rewards, increasing sales, customer loyalty, and repeat sales.

EZ-Chow’s digital ordering platform can seamlessly integrate with leading Point-of-Sale systems. This integration allows for a smooth experience for both the restaurant and its customers. By integrating with the POS system, the loyalty program can capture user data from transactions and create personalized programs based on customer activity and preferences. It also enables easy creation of marketing messages to drive ticket size, upselling, purchase urgency, and repeat visits.

EZ-Chow’s loyalty program provides businesses with valuable data and insights about their customers. Businesses can learn more about customer preferences, purchase frequency, and order history. This data can be analyzed to drive growth and create personalized communication plans to keep customers engaged.

EZ-Chow’s Loyalty Program helps attract and engage customers through various means. It offers a multi-channel approach to entice customers with the benefits of the loyalty program. Once customers join, their data from transactions is used to create personalized programs that cater to their preferences and activity. The program also provides easy-to-use tools for creating marketing messages that help build ticket size, upselling, purchase urgency, and encourage repeat visits. This personalized approach enhances customer engagement and satisfaction.

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