No. Commissions.

Carryout & Delivery Revenue Without Commissions.

Digital Ordering that makes your restaurant money.

Branded for You

Every restaurant concept is different, sometimes even locations within the same concept. Our solution is customizable to meet your specific branding requirements, business & operational goals.


"Bring Your Own Processor", in most cases we can process directly through your existing processor, no additional fees!

3rd Party Delivery

Integrate a third party delivery company directly into your branded digital ordering solution. Get delivery capabilities without incurring delivery operational costs!

You dream it, we can achieve it.

Yeah, online ordering is so 2010, what about kiosks, Voice Ordering, or Chatbots? We can develop solutions that utilize advanced technologies and integrate these orders into your POS. Turning your restaurant concept into a technological juggernaut.

Fully Mobile Responsive & Branded for your Concept

All of the applications we develop for our restaurant & hospitality partners are mobile responsive. We focus on providing an easy to use ordering application using your brand standards and guidelines. Utilizing our platform you will have your cake and eat it too. Learn more about us.

Have a hotel or resort? Check out our hotel/resort ordering integration platform too!

Increase your take-out, carryout, or delivery revenue, exponentially.

While having online ordering is important, having online ordering with the least disruption to your current restaurant operations is more important. EZC's integrated online ordering applications, places orders directly into your existing point-of-sale, thereby allowing your operations to worry about the important aspects of running a busy restaurant.

Full Point-of-Sale Integration

Your POS system investment was expensive, why pay for additional hardware and/or training to get online ordering functionality? Why waste valuable time taking phone orders, placing customers on hold, or re-entering online orders into your point-of-sale?

With our solution, you won't. Online orders will be directly injected into existing Micros, Aloha, Positouch, or Brink/Par POS. Orders will print and/or display on your current KDS or receipt printers. Your staff won't be able to tell the difference between an online order or a "normal" in-person order. Existing reports will continue to work and will include online originated sales. Our solution makes your carryout/delivery operations much more efficient.

Sample of some of our existing merchant partners

Flanigans, Joellas, Logans Roadhouse, Ultimate California Pizza customers of EZ-Chow Digital Ordering and Point-of-Sale Integration

Whether you have 1 unit or 1000's of units, we can help you with an off-premise dining solution that makes you revenue - without the headaches.

Watch to see how we help our hero, Tony improve his restaurant's revenue, and reduce his costs.

Our platform is integrated with most Restaurant and Hospitality Point-of-Sale Systems

Oracle Micros, NCR Aloha, Positouch and more are some of the point-of-sale systems EZ-Chow integrates with

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