Custom Point-of-Sale Digital Ordering Integration Solutions

Enterprise Digital Ordering Applications Integrated with your existing POS, for single or multi-unit concepts.

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Enterprise Solutions for Single or Multi Unit Concepts

We do more than just "online ordering"

  • 3rd Party Delivery

    Integrate a third party delivery company directly into your branded digital ordering solution. Get delivery capabilities without incurring delivery operational costs!

  • BYOP

    "Bring Your Own Processor", in most cases we can process directly through your existing processor, no additional fees!

  • Custom for You

    Every restaurant concept is different, sometimes even locations within the same concept. Our solution is customizable to meet your specific business and operational goals.

  • Advanced Tech

    Yeah, online ordering is so 2010, what about kiosks, Voice Ordering, or Chatbots? We can develop solutions that utilize advanced technologies and integrate these orders into your POS. Turning your restaurant concept into a technological juggernaut.

Responsive Apps
Bruxie Chicken and Waffles Online Ordering
Mercury Ballroom and Rail Online Ordering

Increase your take-out, carryout, or delivery revenue, exponentially.

Increase your revenue by improving operational efficiencies with Point-of-Sale(POS) Integration
Reduce your labor cost

While having online ordering is important, having online ordering with the least disruption to your current restaurant operations is more important.
EZC's integrated online ordering applications, places orders directly into your existing point-of-sale, thereby allowing your operations to worry about the important aspects of running a busy restaurant.

Packed with amazing features

  • 100% Safe and Secure Transactions
  • Develop Robust Marketing Strategies
  • Improve Order Accuracy and Customer Satisfaction
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Full Point-of-Sale Integration

Your POS system investment was expensive, why pay for additional hardware and/or training to get online ordering functionality? Why waste valuable time taking phone orders, placing customers on hold, or re-entering online orders into your point-of-sale? With our solution, you won't.

Online orders will be directly injected into existing Micros, Aloha, Positouch, or Brink/Par POS. Orders will print and/or display on your current KDS or receipt printers. Your staff won't be able to tell the difference between an online order or a "normal" in-person order. Existing reports will continue to work and will include online originated sales. Our solution makes your carryout/delivery operations much more efficient.

See how Tony increased his revenue

Tony has some problems. He has a great restaurant concept, but utilizing menu aggregators like Grub Hub, Postmates, UberEats, etc is destroying his margins. His employees spend too much time on the phone taking orders, and entering them incorrectly. He needs another solution, one that integrates directly with his Micros 3700 Point-of-Sale

See how EZC can help him solve his problems regardless if he has one or one hundred locations.

See how EZC can help your restaurant flourish with Point-of-Sale Integration

You need web/mobile, self-service kiosk, or some type of digital ordering. You want to increase sales, reduce cost, keep control over your brand. Let EZ-Chow develop your organization a custom solution to solve these or any other business and operational challenges. Whether you have Micros 3700, Positouch, Micros Simphony, Aloha, Squirrel, Brink/Par, or another POS we currently integrate with, EZC can help.

We can offer your concept the exact Online and Digital Ordering functionality you need

  • 100% Custom

    We don't use a template and force your restaurant to "fit" into our system. We develop custom solutions made specifically for your concept.

  • Automated and Efficient

    Our solutions are made with your operations and management teams in mind, we don't want your kitchen focused on maintaining the digital ordering system, rather our software dynamically adjusts to your current kitchen conditions without manual intervention from your operational and management teams, improving efficiency.

  • 3rd Party Integrations

    Need to integrate with 3rd Party Delivery providers? How about loyalty/gift cards, or anything else?
    We offer third party integrations, from Delivery Dispatch for restaurants with in-house delivery operations to loyalty program integration, gift card integration, 3rd party delivery, and more. If you need an integration, we can most likely accommodate it. Questions? Just ask

Did you know the digital ordering industry is expected to surpass $210 Billion by 2022?

Is your organization ready?

  • Deep Control

    Our system automatically handles and adjusts to your current operations. Our 100% secure administrative dashboard accessible from any internet enabled device, allows selected personnel to know the current status of online ordering and current/historical information on sales.

  • Responsive Design

    Our solutions are 100% responsive, allowing your digital ordering capabilities to be effective on any internet enabled device.

  • Bring your Own Processor

    Like your existing relationship with your credit card processor? Great, we allow you to use your existing credit card processor with no additional cost.

  • Next Gen Tech

    From Kiosks, chatbots, beacon technology, to integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, if it's possible we can do it. Create Next Generation User Interfaces integrated directly with your Point-of-Sale. Or have a question about any other technology and integration with your POS? Ask and we can assist.

  • CRM

    Start capturing your own customer data, to market to existing and future customers more efficiently. Increase repeat business.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Our solutions provide a simple way for a customer to quickly order from your restaurant, whether they want to create an account, checkout as guest, pay by cash, credit card, or gift card; our solution intends to make the customer satisfaction, priority #1.

  • Safe, Secure, and Reliable

    All of your transactions will be 100% secure. Our average up-time is 99.99%, you will have a reliable solution which you can depend on time after time to receive orders.


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Team behind EZ-Chow

Our technical and business experience can be an asset to your brand!

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