Industries We Serve



Whether you have one location or a hundred, we are happy to partner with you to increase revenue and streamline your operations. Our services are inclusive to fast casual, quick-service and full-service restaurant operations. Full POS integration API with a third party delivery platform means no tablets, and no commission fees.



Need a way for players to order food and drinks? What about more balls or a golf glove? Not a problem with our solution! EZ-Chow offers POS integration on mobile devices, allowing for custom ordering options from a tablet or mobile device. Connect your guests to the services and supplies they need, building revenue for your business in the process.



Your employees have a limited lunch time. Patients and visitors prefer contactless ordering, payment, and pickup. The EZ-Chow integrated solution can provide this for your facility, in order to give everyone enhanced features and services.



Regardless of where guests are on your property, give them the ability to order from any of your preferred food locations. Charges can be sent to any room, and payment can be received either upon delivery or through a credit card processing channel. Open tab solutions are also available. Make everyone’s stay a little easier with our custom POS integrated API or non-integrated solution.



Contactless ordering, payment and pickup are the new norm. Provide these safe, convenient features to your guests while maximizing revenue and speed of service.



Need food delivery integration capabilities for dorms or easier access to campus restaurants and cafeterias? Our solution can provide all of this and more. Contactless. Easy to use. Customizable to your needs.