Increase F&B Profitability with Self-Ordering Kiosks for All Venues

Bowling Alley Self-Service Kiosks

The EZ-Chow self-service kiosks offer convenience and times savings for your team and customers. Bowlers can use kiosks to order food, beverages and more without leaving their lane.

Self-Service Kiosk Highlights

Easy Integration

Integrates with your existing point-of-sale, and can even process payments through your existing merchant processor.

Rewards & Loyalty

Learn more about your customers preferences, purchase frequency and order history.


Free your employees’ time to provide more personalized guest experiences.

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Over 3,000 people worldwide are members of the PBA.
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The most common bowler’s age is 40+ years old in the US.

Customer Convenience

Bowling is a game of action and customers enjoy being able to order their food and beverages all from their lane, at their own pace without having to wait in line. The kiosks create a better customer experience that keeps the bowler in the game.

Bowling alleys

User Interface

The EZ interface is user friendly that allows more interaction between customers and the process. The full color touchscreens are simple, consistent branding and a transaction from start to finish take a few minutes.

Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks for Bowling Alleys

Reduces Labor Costs

Cuts out the need for an order taker allowing a bowler to look at the menu, order their selections and pay all at the lane without interacting with a team member.

Increases your sales and profitability

The kiosk gives you the ability to visually present these options to your customers to increase the average check size and revenues

Data Utilization

The data gathered from your kiosk can be used to help drive smarter business decisions and more customer personalizstion.

Want to learn more?

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