Increase F&B Profitability: Self-Order Kiosks for Bowling, Events, and Theme Parks!

Bowling Alleys

Bowling Alley Self-Service Kiosks

Discover EZ-Chow’s innovative self-service kiosk solutions, designed to enhance convenience and efficiency for both your staff and customers. Our kiosks are perfect for bowling alleys, allowing bowlers to easily order food, beverages, and more, all without leaving their lanes. Additionally, our integrated POS system ensures seamless transactions, streamlining operations and increasing customer satisfaction.

1. Bowlers can order food, drinks, and other items directly from their lanes, eliminating the need for them to wait in lines or leave their games.

2. Customize your menu offerings and promotions to cater to specific customer preferences.

3. Increase F&B sales by making it easy for customers to explore and order from your menu.

4. Access real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions about your F&B offerings.

Boost Your Bowling Alley's Efficiency with Our Self-Order Kiosk Solution!

Easy Integration

EZ-Chow’s kiosks integrate seamlessly with your POS, eliminating costly upgrades. Maximize savings using your existing infrastructure for secure, efficient ordering and payments in your bowling alley.

Rewards & Loyalty

Personalized promos, data insights, and customer retention, all in one program. Boost your alley’s loyalty.


Experience the future with EZ-Chow’s Self-Service Bowling Alley Kiosks, allowing staff to focus on personalized guest experiences.

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We get orders in a lot faster because its fully integrated and it allows us to work on the orders the moment they come in
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In May, we had 8,100 orders… It was the phone not ringing 8,100 times.
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Mo and his team have responded to every request, answered every question, and handled every system design element we requested.
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EZ Chow has been so easy to work with. The rep and the team always respond quickly and they provide the best customer service.
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We like that our guests have an online option. The customer service for the site is good; they respond quickly when a problem arises.
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The most common bowler’s age is 40+ years old in the US.
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Make Ordering Fun with Self-Order Kiosks at Bowling Alleys

Customer Convenience

Elevate bowling fun with lane-side online food and drink ordering. User-friendly platform, varied menu, secure payments, and staff assistance. Enhance customer experience, prioritize safety, and promote the feature.

Bowling alleys

User Interface

Boost the bowling alley experience with the user-friendly EZ interface. Full-color touchscreens ensure a consistent, branded experience. Transactions take just minutes, enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction.

Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks Revolutionizing Bowling Alley Experiences

Reduces Labor Costs

Self-service kiosks cut out the need for order takers, letting bowlers independently browse, order, and pay at their lane. This 24/7 solution streamlines service, enhances customization, boosts revenue, and reduces labor costs, revolutionizing the bowling alley experience.

Increases your sales and profitability

We offer efficient, visually appealing kiosks that encourage customization and upselling. Data-driven insights, 24/7 access, reduced labor costs, and streamlined checkout further enhance profitability.

Data Utilization

EZ-Chow leverages data for customer insights, efficient operations, maintenance planning, targeted marketing, and continuous improvement. This data utilization enhances customer experiences and boosts profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, self-order kiosks contribute to the bowling experience by providing convenience and time savings for bowlers. They allow bowlers to order food, beverages, and more without leaving their lane, keeping them engaged in the game and enhancing their overall experience.

Self-order kiosks in bowling alleys allow bowlers to order food, beverages, and other items directly at their lane without interacting with a team member. The user-friendly interface of the kiosk enables bowlers to browse the menu, make customizations, and pay for their orders. The kiosks integrate with the existing point-of-sale system and can process payments through the existing merchant processor.

Yes, the EZ-Chow self-service kiosks can integrate with your existing point-of-sale (POS) system, allowing it to shift to self-ordering mode. This integration enables seamless processing of payments through your existing merchant processor, ensuring a smooth transition to self-ordering capabilities.

Self-ordering kiosks for bowling alleys, like the EZ-Chow kiosks, offer the ability to select special dietary needs while ordering. Customers can choose options such as gluten-free or vegetarian items from the kiosk, ensuring that their dietary requirements are taken into account. This feature provides a more inclusive and personalized experience for customers with specific dietary needs.

Self-ordering kiosks reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for an order taker, allowing bowlers to order and pay directly at the lane without interacting with a team member. It increases sales and profitability by visually presenting options to customers and potentially increasing the average check size.

Yes, the EZ-Chow self-service kiosks can integrate with the existing point-of-sale system and process payments through the existing merchant processor. This makes it easy to implement the kiosks without major changes to the current setup.

 Self-ordering kiosks provide convenience and save time for customers. Bowlers can order food, beverages, and more without leaving their lane, creating a better customer experience. The user-friendly interface allows for more interaction, and the kiosks offer consistent branding and a seamless transaction process.

Yes, the data gathered from the self-ordering kiosks can be used to drive smarter business decisions and personalize the customer experience. It provides valuable insights into customer preferences, purchase frequency, and order history.

To see the EZ-Chow self-service kiosk in action and learn more about it, you can reach out to one of the team members who can provide a demonstration and answer any further questions.

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