Reduce Labor Costs by up to 85% with Self-Ordering Kiosks

Our kiosks reduces labor costs, increases your sales and profitability, and provides your customers with a better experience.
Self Ordering Kiosks

It’s about reliability.

EZ-Chow tailors its offerings to meet your specific needs, ensuring a reliable self-service experience that aligns with your business goals.

Transform your restaurant’s Front-of-House operations with our self-ordering digital kiosks, reducing labor costs by more than 85%.

As customer expectations evolve, staying competitive is crucial. Meet these demands effortlessly with “EZ,” our self-ordering kiosk. It’s a cost-effective solution designed to slash wait times, enhance order accuracy, and elevate the overall customer experience.

EZ seamlessly processes digital orders, integrating them with your existing point-of-sale system and facilitating secure payments through your established merchant processor. Yes, you can now access comprehensive technology to rival major brands without breaking the bank. It’s your affordable path to a digital cashier, enabling contactless on-site ordering. Upgrade your restaurant and keep pace with the changing landscape of customer service expectations.

Meet EZ

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Efficiently Improve Your Business with EZ-Chow.

EZ ensures execution, consistency, and productivity - every time.

Elevate your business using EZ, a perfect fit for QSRs, Fast Casual, Casual Dining, and Food Halls.

Discover Additional Solution Options

Automated Checkout Software

Streamline your retail experience with our cutting-edge Automated Checkout Software. Say goodbye to long lines and checkout hassle, and say hello to efficient, frictionless transactions for both customers and businesses.

Online Ordering Software

Make your restaurant work better with our easy Online Ordering Software. It helps you handle orders, deliver food, and look good online.

Self service Kiosk Software

Our Self-Service Kiosk Software makes it easy for customers to order and pay on their own. It's a user-friendly system that saves time and reduces wait times.

Mobile POS System

Our Mobile POS System lets you take payments on a phone or tablet. It's like having a portable cash register that makes sales easy anywhere, anytime.

Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants, often known as fast food joints, serve tasty meals in no time. They're perfect for when you're on the go and need a quick, delicious bite.

Cash Recycling Machines

Cash recycling machines are like smart ATMs. They take your cash, count it, and give you the right amount back. They're a handy way to manage money efficiently.

Curious about what people say about us & our services?
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We get orders in a lot faster because its fully integrated and it allows us to work on the orders the moment they come in
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In May, we had 8,100 orders… It was the phone not ringing 8,100 times.
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Mo and his team have responded to every request, answered every question, and handled every system design element we requested.
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EZ Chow has been so easy to work with. The rep and the team always respond quickly and they provide the best customer service.
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We like that our guests have an online option. The customer service for the site is good; they respond quickly when a problem arises.
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our self-ordering kiosks enable upselling possibilities. By automating the ordering process, kiosks can suggest additional items or upgrades to customers, increasing the average order value and boosting sales.

Absolutely! Our self-ordering kiosks support multiple languages, ensuring a seamless ordering experience for customers of different backgrounds. The user interface can be customized to display menu options and instructions in various languages, catering to a diverse customer base.

Our kiosks streamline restaurant operations in several ways. They reduce labor costs by up to 85%, freeing up staff to focus on other important tasks. The kiosks integrate with your existing point-of-sale system, sending orders directly and eliminating the need for manual entry. They also process payments, eliminating the need for separate payment terminals. These streamlined operations result in increased efficiency and improved overall productivity.

Yes, our kiosks can assist in gathering customer data. By capturing information during the ordering process, such as email addresses or phone numbers, you can build a database of customer contacts for targeted marketing campaigns. This data can also be used to analyze customer preferences and behavior, enabling you to make informed business decisions and provide personalized experiences.

Self-ordering kiosks like “EZ” can reduce labor costs by over 85%. These kiosks automate the ordering process, reducing the need for front-of-house staff and minimizing the labor required to take and process orders.

Self-ordering kiosks have been proven to increase revenue. By improving customer experiences, order accuracy, and reducing wait times[1], these kiosks attract more customers and lead to higher order values. This ultimately boosts sales and profitability for restaurants.

Yes, self-ordering kiosks like “EZ” can seamlessly integrate with your existing point-of-sale system[1]. They can also process payments through your existing merchant processor, offering a convenient and efficient payment solution.

Self-ordering kiosks are suitable for various types of restaurants, including QSR (Quick Service Restaurants), Fast Casual, Casual Dining, and Food Hall merchants. They are designed to meet the needs of different restaurant formats and can be customized accordingly.

Self-ordering kiosks make the ordering process faster and more convenient. They reduce wait times, increase order accuracy, and allow customers to place their orders remotely, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

We've stayed the same despite 3+ years and (numbers) restaurants

Our identity and mission remain unaltered, with our fundamental principles standing steadfast.

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