Understanding Your Customers with Order History Data

Do you know what your customers’ favorite dishes are at your restaurant? Do you have a clear idea of which items sell best? If you’re like most restaurants, the answer to both questions is probably no.

Most restaurants have very limited insight into their customers and very little data on their order history. However, that doesn’t mean your business can’t turn things around with a bit of planning and some tech savvy. Read on for more insights around the customer data and how to use it.

How to Find Your Customers with Order History Data

Order history data allows you to discover who your customers are and what they order. After you have this data, you can tailor your marketing efforts to be more relevant for your audience and increase your bottom line.

Here are some ways that you can use order history data:

  • Find Out What You Should be Selling – One thing that you may find from order history data is that customers who order particular dishes also tend to order items that you should also be selling more of. Food trucks and delivery services can often benefit from this as well. If you are a restaurant with limited hours and/or delivery service, you may find that meals that are typically ordered during lunch are being replaced by late-night eaters. If you can start to see what customers are ordering, you can adjust your menu to better suit their needs.
  • Match Promotional Activities to Customers’ Habits – Many restaurants offer deals and discounts in addition to the usual menu. With order history data, you can see how often customers opt to take the special promotion. When you know this, you can decide if your promotion should be more or less frequent. You can also use this information to determine which deals should be for dine-in customers and which should be for take-out customers.
  • Create Custom-Made Menus for Specific Customers – If you have some of your customers’ orders stored in your system, you can create custom menus for them. You could even send them a menu ahead of time so that they can make their own selections from the items you have on offer.

Use Customer Reviews and Tailored Marketing

Take advantage of the fact that customers leave reviews for your business. Customer reviews are often the primary source of information on how your future customers feel about your service or products. Armed with this information, you can create a tailored marketing strategy that’s targeted towards the types of customers that leave reviews. With tailored marketing, you are sending a certain group of customers targeted emails, texts and social media posts. By doing so, you can increase the number of customers who respond to your messaging and convert those who are interested in your products into paying customers.

Track Site Visited and Conversions

Order history data can also be used to track site visits. This data can then be used to measure the effectiveness of your marketing and conversion rates. For example, if you notice that most of your site visits are from specific locations, you can adjust your marketing efforts to better target those areas. You can also use this data to determine what types of images and/or posts work best for your audience.

Develop a Strong Call-to-Action

Another important aspect of finding your customers with order history data is developing a strong call-to-action. This button will help you to maximize conversions once you’ve found your target market. A strong call-to-action will typically include the words “order now,” “buy now,” or “call to order.”

Keep Improving After You’ve Found Your Marketer

Order history data is a powerful marketing tool that can lead to better menu selections, tailored marketing, and increased revenue. However, you can’t stop there. You have to keep improving your marketing efforts based on your order history data. For example, you may notice that a certain type of customer orders a lot of items from your menu. You can then use this information to adjust your menu to include items that are better suited for this customer. You might also start including more ingredients that are more commonly ordered by this group.

Wrapping Up: Is Finding Your Customers with Order History Data Possible for You?

Order history data is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to help you find your customers with order history data. With order history data, you can discover who your customers are and what they order.

Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your marketing efforts to be more relevant for your audience and increase your bottom line. Order history data can be used to find out what your customers order, when they order it, and where they order it from.

With this data, you can tailor your menu, increase your revenue, and improve your marketing efforts. However, order history data isn’t easy to come by, so it’s important to approach it with patience and a tech-savvy mind.

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