The Future of Self-Service Ordering: Faster Service & Reduced Wait-Times with Kiosks

Customers’ expectations are always changing and brands need to plan on ways to stay ahead of those expectations. The self-ordering kiosk is a platform that is a cost-effective solution for restaurants that help reduce wait times, improve order accuracy and improve the customers’ experiences.

A self-ordering kiosk is an easy-to-use interface that displays the restaurant’s menu, allowing for prompts, upsell/cross-sells, and puts the powers of ordering and paying into the hands of the customers.

These are great ways for a restaurant to offer ordering without the assistance of a server. With the labor shortages we are currently seeing, kiosk platforms are an answer to that problem. And kiosks are not just for restaurants, the service industry, in general, can benefit from them.

Some benefits of kiosk ordering include:

  • Increased Revenue

Did you know kiosks actually increase the average order size, increasing revenue for businesses? Since the menu is literally in the hands of customers and they have the ease of adding and editing their order as they want, they are more likely to revel in special promotions and add-ons. There’s also a reduction in the pressure they feel of being judged by the cashier for what they order, allowing them to order whatever they desire without being shamed.

  • Decreased labor and time cost

With staffing shortages all around the US, it’s important that restaurants think of ways to fix this issue while still meeting the needs of customers. Self-ordering kiosks help address the problem while even helping businesses save money on labor costs. Kiosks offer flexibility on staffing issues by allowing cashiers to be moved to different areas as needed since customers will now be able to place their own orders. This can also mean that you won’t need as many employees on shift as you did previously, reducing labor costs.

  • Improved customer experiences

Most customers are looking for more tech-related solutions that make browsing, ordering, and paying easier than ever, especially the younger generation who actually prefer to order on kiosks than to order face-to-face. Using technology like kiosks also allows the company to update their menus, promotions, and nutrition information at any time without having to re-print menus. Customers are looking for more details to be provided about nutrition, ingredients, and allergens which are easier to be displayed on a kiosk and improve the customer experience.

  • Order accuracy

Let’s face it, human errors can happen regardless of how much we try to prevent them, self-ordering kiosks allow the customer to place the order exactly as they want it. It also gives customers a chance to review the order themselves before it’s placed and sent back to the kitchen. A kiosk with a visual menu is especially valuable in reducing any mix-ups so customers can know exactly what they’re ordering. Increased order accuracy will also save you a ton of money by not having to waste time and product on re-making an incorrect order.

  • Reduced wait times

What may seem an obvious benefit to using kiosks is the reduced wait times that they offer. No customer enjoys waiting and the longer the wait time the more increased their frustration becomes and they may begin to search for other alternatives with your competitors. There’s been a study showing that 75% of customers would choose to order from a kiosk if the cashier line was longer than 5 people. Self-ordering kiosks allow customers to bypass the wait and build their order and pay all at once. Data has also shown that kiosks have reduced the total order time by nearly 40% which is a huge benefit.

Did you know that EZ-Chow is now offering digital ordering kiosks? If you want to take advantage of all the above-listed benefits of having kiosks like reducing labor costs, wait times, improving order accuracy, and increasing revenue then contact us so we can help you!

To learn how EZ-Chow can help you with these initiatives and more, get started by contacting us here.



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