EZ-Chow cuts fees to help restaurants meet carry-out, delivery needs

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March 4, 2020
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March 21, 2020

As cities shut down dine-in restaurant options due to the Covid outbreak, the ability to provide takeout or delivery becomes more imperative than ever, which is why, EZ-Chow, a new player in the e-commerce scene, is providing restaurants with a relief package to get delivery and takeout services up and running quickly. The B2B SaaS platform developed by a former software architect from Papa John’s takes 2 -3% of a fee versus competitors, which can range up to 20%, according to a company press release.

“We’ve seen online ordering grow naturally, but what is happening now with social distancing and mandated shut-downs is unprecedented,” EZ-Chow Founder Mo Sloan. “Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen activity with our existing customers increase substantially — both the numbers of orders placed and the total dollar amount per order. We want to provide a quick, affordable solution for all restaurants during this difficult time.”

A scaled-down version of EZ-Chow’s main offering, the package allows restaurants to offer 40 menu items for delivery or takeout at an ongoing $75 a month per location and a $0.75 transaction fee per order. The installation fee for the package is also dramatically reduced from $995 to $495. 

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