Self Order Kiosks Facilitate Satisfaction Across the Board
September 6, 2018
What are Food Service Aggregators really serving? A look inside …
February 21, 2019

The biggest thing to consider is if the food delivery service is actually generating demand for you. If the answer is yes, you need to know your options.


These services, GrubHub, UberEats and DoorDash are three of the biggest food delivery platforms. Their fees vary, depending upon your needs, but they can be substantial. Yes, they can increase traffic to your restaurant and help you reach new audiences, but the cost can eat away, if not diminish, your profit margin. You could actually be losing money. This chart gives a brief overview of their costs.

Another concern is that you do not have access to the marketing data that flows through these delivery apps. Loyal customers are 53-76% of a restaurant’s delivery business. This means that more than half of your delivery customers will probably order from you again. Without access to this data, how do you know who your most loyal patrons are? If you had this data,you would not have to pay the Marketing Fees charged by the Delivery Apps.


When taking orders through your website, you are promoting YOUR brand, collecting marketing data for future use and yes, still able to provide delivery services. There are options out there, ones that will make online ordering much simpler. With integrated online ordering, the orders will stream into your POS, as if the order was placed ‘in house’. This will reduce the number of phone calls coming in to your location, improve order accuracy, streamline reporting – basically give you deep control over YOUR orders.

One of these providers is EZ-Chow. Visit to learn how you can increase revenue while gaining control over your  profit margin.

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