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May 23, 2018
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July 17, 2018

How online ordering drives new business

In addition to taking, processing and delivering orders, the online ordering solution you choose should help you achieve your business objectives. EZ-Chow helps build your brand recognition across the web, expand your digital marketing reach, and find new customers that keep coming back. Our solution is integrated with your Point of Sale, decreasing employee work loads, improving order accuracy and increasing revenue.  We work as your business partner and help drive business in four big ways.

Enhanced web presence 
A top benefit of online ordering is an enhanced web presence for your restaurant. If you already have a website, great – if not, we can create one for you.  The website will promote your brand, using your color scheme, font and “feel” of your restaurant. We also can provide search engine optimization services, making it easier for people to find you when searching on the web.

Email marketing
With each order placed through your website, you will capture your customer’s contact information.  This information is YOURS!  It is a gold mine of information, these are your loyal customers. You can create marketing campaigns to drive order volume and boost revenue. Advertising your discounts and coupons in email blasts or text messages is an easy, low cost process.  This will increase order volume, create customer loyalty and increase your bottom line.

Mobile ordering
Recent statistics show that about 50 percent of emails will be opened on mobile devices, making a mobile-optimized website and mobile-friendly app imperative. EZ-Chow offers responsive iOS and Android apps that allow customers to order from your restaurant on their phone. Check out how your website responds on a mobile device. A website that’s optimized to take mobile orders is a smart investment in a fast-growing market.

Customer awareness
Finally, EZ-Chow’s integrated online ordering will help you satisfy your customers and keep them coming back. People spend large amounts of time on their phones, browsing online and checking email. If your restaurant isn’t tapping into those channels, partnering with EZ-Chow will provide the jump-start you’re looking for. This not only allows customers to order when they want, using the device they prefer; it also keeps your restaurant fresh in their minds.

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