How EZ-Chow POS Integrated Online Ordering Improves Customer’s Experience
February 16, 2018
Micros 3700 and Micros Simphony Integration
February 16, 2018

Do you know who your customers are?  When you work with EZ-Chow, with every order you are building your marketing database.  Access this valuable data and get to know your customers better than ever.

Our powerful back-end administrative dashboard automatically collects email addresses, mobile phone numbers and addresses (if you offer delivery) for every person who places an order and opts in to receive information from you.  This information is yours.  Many third-party online ordering companies own and keep this data, withholding your valuable customer information.   If you do not offer online ordering, are you able to build a database at all?  Often restaurants are so busy taking phone call orders, once the order is input into their POS, the customer data is discarded.  Don’t toss this valuable customer information away!

With EZ-Chow, you will capture and build, on a daily basis, customer data that will help you grow your business.  Staying in front of your patrons is imperative.  You can create a monthly newsletter, offer discounts or promos through email and text promotions.  Topics can range from special events at your restaurant to time changes, new menu items, weather closings and more.  This gold mine of data belongs solely to you with EZ-Chow.

The EZ-Chow dashboard provides valuable insights, for example, customer ordering patterns and trends.  You will know your peak ordering times, peak days and peak months.  Use this information to assist you in staffing predictions and inventory planning.   Data analysis will also reveal how often the typical customer orders, allowing you to send marketing messages within that time frame.  For example, when analyzing data, we see that the typical patron orders a pizza from our client every 23 days.  We can schedule an email with a coupon to go to that customer on the 20th day since his past order, encouraging repeat business.  We don’t simply collect data, we make it work for you.

We love our customers, and you do too.  That’s why EZ-Chow makes rewarding your loyal patrons easy.  Integrating loyalty programs simplifies earning rewards for your customers and will drive repeat business to your location.  Statistics show that 50-60% of customers don’t return after their first visit.  Loyalty programs help you get them back in the door up to 50% more often.  Loyalty discounts as well as coupons are integrated into your online ordering site and pushed directly to your POS.  Keeping loyal customers happy has never been easier.

Knowing, understanding and reaching your patrons are easy with EZ-Chow, just one of the many benefits of our integrated online ordering solution.

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