Tableside Ordering

Increase your efficiency and speed of service

Pay-at-the-table provides improved services, increased sales, a higher ticket while still meeting the guest expectations while adding potential staffing issues.

This streamlined guest experience enables the customer to have more controls over when they order and when they pay. Now you have one server that can service more tables at once but more time spent taking care of the customers while removing some of the human error associated with order taking.

As restaurant technology continues to change to meet the operational and customers expectations, table-side ordering also allows a restaurant the ability to increase their speed of service and turn tables faster.

For years, security and credit card fraud was a concern with customers. With table-side ordering, this concern is eliminated providing a more safe and secure environment for the customers…which increase trust in your brand or business.

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EZ will ensure execution, consistency, and productivity - every time.

Perfect for any QSR, Fast Casual, Casual Dining, or Food Hall merchant.