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Ez-chow is disrupting the process through which commercial and non-commercial food service providers obtain digital POS integration services. Ez-chow’s POS integrated API eliminates excessive third-party delivery commissions and fees for cost-sensitive food service providers.

EZ-Chow offers three tiers of packages. Choose the one that works best for you and your business.

Tier one – Low Volume

Ideal for restaurants new to online ordering or monthly order volume expectation of 50 orders or less. A lower monthly base rate and a competitive transaction fee.

Tier two – Medium Volume

Ideal for restaurants with a moderate digital order volume of 100-300 orders expectation per month. A moderate monthly base rate, and a lower transaction fee.

Tier three – High Volume

Our top tier package is optimal for restaurants with a  digital order volume expectation of 350 orders or more per month. A competitive monthly base rate, and the lowest transaction fee we offer.


What They Say About Us

Justin Bensel

Regional Director of Operations for Joella’s

We get orders in a lot faster because its fully integrated and it allows us to work on the orders the moment they come in.

Mary Stebbins

Director of Operations for Mark’s Feedstore

In May, we had 8,100 orders… It was the phone not ringing 8,100 times.

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