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Three tiers of packages

Ez-chow is disrupting the process through which commercial and non-commercial food service providers obtain digital POS integration services. Ez-chow’s POS integrated API eliminates excessive third-party delivery commissions and fees for cost-sensitive food service providers.

EZ-Chow offers three tiers of packages. Choose the one that works best for you and your business.

Simple pricing plan
Amazing Package

Tier One - low volume

$ 29 Monthly billing
  • Ideal for restaurants new to online ordering or monthly order volume expectation of 50 orders or less. A lower monthly base rate and a competitive transaction fee.

Tier two - medium volume

$ 39 Monthly billing
  • Ideal for restaurants with a moderate digital order volume of 100-300 orders expectation per month. A moderate monthly base rate, and a lower transaction fee.

Tier three - high volume

$ 49 Monthly billing
  • Our top tier package is optimal for restaurants with a digital order volume expectation of 350 orders or more per month. A competitive monthly base rate, and the lowest transaction fee we offer.