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Most Packages Start Under $99 Per Month

Custom. Enterprise. Robust. Do these terms scare you? They shouldn't. At EZ-Chow, our mission is to help provide an affordable Branded Digital Customer Engagement for your organization. Our pricing plans are designed to grow with your business. Most of our plans start out under $99 per month, per location. This means your restaurant or hospitality organization gets the modern platform that you need to thrive - including full point-of-sale integration with "best-of-class" point-of-sale systems such as NCR Aloha, Micros 3700, Micros Simphony, Positouch, and more.

Utilizing our industry revolutionizing DaaS (Delivery as a Service), your organization can get the benefits of in-house delivery and the benefits of 3rd party delivery, without any of the negative drawbacks.

Plus with our approach to open integrations with multiple vendors & no specific credit card processor requirement - we consider you a future potential partner, not a customer. to get started.

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