Marketing, Promoting Products and Driving Sales with Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks in the restaurant industry have many advantages and benefits for your business especially when brands are experiencing tight margins, staffing shortages and competition.

Kiosks give customers the ability to order at their own pace while creating loyalty, a better customer experience and trust that their order will be accurate.

Yet, ordering is just one function of a self-service kiosk. If a brand takes the approach of kiosks being “set-it and forget-it” technology they are really missing the power and benefits available with this solution.

EZ-Chow also helps brands integrate with their current Point-of-sale systems, capture marketing data, and survey their customers.

How do restaurants fully utilize the EZ-Chow kiosks?

Data Utilization
The data gathered from your kiosk can be used to help drive smarter business decisions. You will better understand your menu mix, your inventory needs, who your customers are, and their preferences. Data, when utilized, will enable you to be more personalized and create better customer experiences.

Marketing and Promoting Products
When a kiosk is not being used for ordering it can display ads or messages that promote your specials or offers. Cross promote inventory items that are popular, time sensitive or have a limited time availability.

Loyalty and Email Programs
Repeat and loyal customers are the lifeblood to a successful restaurant. Loyalty and email programs will enable you to aggregate data, market and communicate to existing customers, incentivize return visits, and increase sales. Integrate these programs into your kiosk and provide incentive to get this valuable customer data.

Survey Customers
Gaining customer feedback is important for you to understand how you and your staff are doing. Using a kiosk to ask for that feedback can help you learn more about your customers in real-time, which in turn allows you to react quicky and can help build brand loyalty and repeat visits.

How do you market your kiosks to your customers?

Education is key for both your employees and customers. Your employees should know all the aspects of the self-service kiosk to help with customer adoption and to also help when customers experience issues. Your ability to turn first-time users into regulars will enable you to start using the data to help drive decisions.

The placement of your kiosk is very important. Put it front and center within a delicate space – the placement will also be determined by the type of business you have and how customers engage with your brand via the counter or at the table. Don’t place it in a corner in which your customers won’t see.

Signage will help show the purpose. Call attention to your kiosk. Utilize signage that introduces it while also highlighting the key benefits of its use.

Give Incentives
Adoption is always hard for any new technology. Incentives are a good approach to help break down that barrier. Don’t think of it as giving something away, rather a means to obtaining the extremely valuable data you are getting in return.

Talk About It
Use your social channels, email and loyalty programs to share the benefits of your kiosk. Invite your customers to come in and try it and experience the benefits for themselves. Make it a big deal and get them excited.

A kiosk has many benefits for a brand when fully utilized. The team at EZ-Chow can help guide you through the process as a partner.

EZ-Chow has solutions such as Online Ordering and Self-Ordering Kiosks that integrate into your existing POS systems. To learn how EZ-Chow can help you with these initiatives, and more, get started by contacting us here.



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