Reduce your Labor Costs by over 85%

Our kiosks reduces labor costs, increases your sales and profitability, and provides your customers with a better experience.

It’s about reliability.

Reduce your Front-of-House Labor Costs by over 85% with our self-ordering digital kiosks.

Customer expectations are constantly changing. Successful brands adapt and evolve to meet those expectations. “EZ”, our self-ordering kiosk, is a cost-effective solution for restaurants to reduce wait times, increase order accuracy, and improve the overall customer experience.

EZ takes orders digitally, sends them to your existing point-of-sale, and can even process payments through your existing merchant processor. YES!…you can have the all-in-one technology to compete with the big brands at a price for your budget. This is your affordable solution to a digital cashier for contactless on-site ordering

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Kiosk Benefits

EZ will ensure execution, consistency, and productivity - every time.

Perfect for any QSR, Fast Casual, Casual Dining, or Food Hall merchant.