How Technology is Changing the Recreation & Entertainment Industry

Last week we covered the lodging industry and how technology has been a driving force in meeting the customer expectations. This week we are going to dive into the recreation and entertainment industry, one of five sectors that make up the hospitality industry.

The recreation and entertainment industry is what people do for rest, relaxation and of course enjoyment. These experiences can last a couple hours or for the entire day. These are places of interest and usually require a ticketed admission that provides concessions, experiences and activities that are for the customers or audiences.

Examples of the most common recreation & entertainment businesses: Zoos, Museums, Spectator Sports, Amusement Parks, Theaters – Movie or Arts, Festivals and Concerts.

7 areas of evolution in the recreation & entertainment industry

Music and Movies
The way we consume and interact with music and movies has been changing over the last 20 years and driven by consumer demands. Music can be streamed on most devices as we are on-the-go and the movie industry has changed where we can view new releases in the comfort of our own homes without stepping foot into a theater.

Wearables allow consumers to play virtual video games, engage with kiosks, giving ability to stream music & video while engaging in ways that wasn’t possible in the past. Most people are familiar with the wearables that flew to popularity with Apple Smart Watches and FitBits that help track exercise and health and recreation and entertainment industry has taken those wearable to the next level and integrated into their experiences.

Self-Service Kiosks
Kiosks has been a technology that is a perfect fit for this industry. The ease of use, cost and labor benefits, decreased human intervention, engagement at your own pace and placement within venus has improvement consumer friction points while providing better experiences.

Immersive Experiences
The immersive experiences have really changed the expectations of live entertainment creating more demand and driven by the technology that is needed to drive that change. We feel like we are part of the cast and crew.

Augmented and Virtual Reality
In addition to the immersive experiences, which also includes the must-have additions of augmented and virtual reality, helping events become destination experiences. The ability to have a roller-coaster experience within a 12 foot enclosure is powerful.

Communication and Information
The way consumers want to be communicated to and the type of information they want has been central in this industry for improved expectations.

User Engagement on Social Media
Social media engagement and sharing experiences is important to helping create awareness to help with repeat and new customers. It is important to understand the channels in which your audience lives and to create content and experiences in those channels.

The recreation and entertainment industry is a dynamic one that has been changing for years but has really accelerated since COVID taking advantage of technology to create and maintain experiences that the audiences want.

Next up, the Meetings and Events Sector/Industry.

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