How Technology Can Benefit Restaurant Employees Instead of Replacing Them The Rise of Digital Technology in the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry is changing at a rapid pace. New technologies are being introduced almost every day, giving rise to the term ‘disruption’. While it may seem like these changes will have an adverse effect on jobs, in fact they can be very beneficial for employees. Some of the latest innovations in digital technology can actually make your job easier and more efficient without compromising on quality or service. Let’s take a look at how digital technology can benefit restaurant employees instead of replacing them.

Provide more accurate wait times

A good example of how digital technology can help improve wait times is through the use of sensors. Sensors are tiny devices that are used to measure certain attributes of the environment, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. The information collected by sensors is then used by digital devices to control certain functions of the device. For example, if the sensor detects low humidity in the environment, the sensor signals the digital controller to turn on the fan to raise the humidity. Similarly, if you want to know how long your customers will take to finish their orders, you can use sensors to collect data. Once you have the data, you can then set up a program that will ping the table every so many seconds to determine how much longer the table is going to take.

Table Management Software

Table Management Software is an important tool in the modern restaurant. This software helps in managing a large number of tables – Managers can view the status of their tables, initiate service, make changes to the tables, improve operational efficiency, and even send reminders to staff. With digital technology, wait times can be tracked accurately and quickly to help managers manage their employees and even deliver better service.

Enable better customer service

The ability to view customer reviews, send welcome messages, manage guest schedules, and track customer reviews right at your POS, makes the customer experience much better. The same holds true for handling questions from guests. You can use the software to easily create phone menu sheets, send out reminders for special events, and much more. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to improve customer service is to use software to manage guest schedules and schedules. Another plus of using software to manage schedules and guest schedules is that it allows your staff to focus on other tasks

Reduce food waste

The rise of the health-conscious society has led to an increase in the demand for healthy food options. Digital technology can help reduce food waste by enabling the tracking of food items and their journey from the time it is consumed till when it is discarded.

Avoid cross-over customers

Cross-over customers are those who visit your restaurant more than once, but have different tables each time they visit the restaurant. Cross-over customers can be a huge headache for your waitstaff. If a table of cross-over customers orders a drink and a dessert, the waitstaff may not be aware of what is expected each time they arrive at the table. The best way to avoid cross-over customers is through digital technology in which managers can now easily view the table history by using Table Management Software. The software can help managers view the table history and see how often the table has returned.

Improving efficiency and safety of workplace

One of the major benefits of digital technology in the restaurant industry is the ability to improve efficiency and safety of the workplace. First, Managers can now view the work history of their employees which can managers decide on the appropriate disciplinary action. Second, the software can help restaurant managers monitor the work history of their employees which can help managers decide on the appropriate training and development strategy. Third, the software can help managers keep track of their employees’ safety helping improve the workplace.

E-Ticketing System

This system can help manage reservations and reduce the number of paper tickets required for tables. With an e-ticketing system, waiters are able to view the customer’s table history and decide on the appropriate course of action. The system helps reduce the number of times tables are cleared by pinging them. The e-ticketing system can also be used with digital table management software.

Automated Kitchen Equipment

The advent of automation in the kitchen can be very beneficial in the restaurant industry. Automation can reduce the risk of cross-contamination or cross-docking in the kitchen. These two examples help with kitchen management as well and automating recipes and how to make the product consistently every time.

Virtual Assistants

The use of Virtual Assistants is one of the latest innovations in digital technology. Virtual Assistants are software that is programmed to perform certain functions. For example, a Virtual Assistant can be programmed to handle customer service queries or to collect data that can be used to make better decisions.


Technology is impacting almost every industry, and the restaurant industry is no exception. The use of digital technology in the restaurant industry is becoming more and more popular. For example, sensors are being used to track wait times, table history is being tracked through table management software, and the use of virtual assistants is rising. The benefits of using digital technology in the restaurant industry can be seen in improved wait times, reduced food waste, and fewer cross-docking incidents.

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