How Data Analytics Can Help Restaurants Reinvent Themselves

Customer experiences and data analytics go hand-in-hand to give restaurants helpful insights about guests as it pertains to their order history, demographics, and the ability to personalize their ordering and dining experiences.

Being able to capture data is key and with ordering platforms, kiosks, and loyalty programs, you are giving customers the experiences they want but you are also collecting data insights and analytics that will help drive your business.

When restaurants are faced with labor shortages, higher food costs, and shifting customer expectations, along with competition that has also been forced to evolve, every bit of data becomes important.

Data analytics helps restaurants identify and understand their core customers and their preferences for communications and how to reach them.

Here are just a few ways that data analytics can help restaurants reinvent themselves:

Menu Management

When trying to configure your menu, it is important to understand what products are your customers’ favorites and which products aren’t doing that well. Data analysis can help you with menu inventory, labor needs, and what you may need to add or remove from the menu. It’s a great tool to help you optimize your menu to make sure you’re offering things that are of interest to your customers and even help you decide which items should become seasonal.

Increase Revenue in Promos

Data analytics will help you understand who your top customers are, how much they spend, what their frequency is, along with their average ticket. You can use this data to help determine which promotions and discounts should be marketed to which customer and how often different promos are used to make decisions on when you should run discounts and on which items to help you increase your revenue.

Marketing Campaigns

Every good marketing campaign is run off good data. All your campaigns should center around how you will reach, retain and regain customers- all powered by a data-driven marketing approach. This data can help you compare sales data to see if your efforts are bringing in more business or if you should switch up your current marketing strategy.

Customer Experiences/Personalization

As you gain more data insights on customers, you can begin to create relevant customer experiences based on their order history and be more personalized in your marketing, menu, and communication channels. Knowing all about your customers’ preferences and using that information to help drive your business to create the most personalized and phenomenal experience for them is what will keep them coming back for more.

Market Trends

Data analytics also enable you to watch and spot trends so that you can react faster and make changes when necessary while also making smarter business decisions. With the restaurant technology that EZ-Chow provides, we enable restaurant owners the ability to collect customer data and analytics to help them make the best-informed decisions for the restaurant and the customer.

EZ-Chow has over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and can put that knowledge to work for you. To learn how EZ-Chow can help you with these initiatives and more, get started by contacting us here.



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