Providing single or multi-unit restaurant and hospitality organizations a branded, multi-channel digital customer engagement platform.

makes your restaurant online ordering E.A.S.Y.
(Efficient | Affordable | Sustainable | Your Way!).
We develop solutions that utilize advanced technologies and integrate directly into your existing POS. Turning your restaurant concept into a technological juggernaut.

Our Features

 Branded for your concept:
It’s all about you.

Every EZ-Chow platform is designed with your brand in mind. We focus on providing an easy-to-use ordering application, weaving your brand standards and guidelines throughout the application. And since every application is mobile-responsive, your digital ordering site will look great on any device.

Increase Your Revenue Exponentially:

Did you know that, on average, online orders are 26% higher in volume than in-person orders?

EZ-Chow provides tools that encourage sales: your platform will never forget to Upsell or Cross-sell. We encourage adding pictures of your food to your platform, as consumers buy with their eyes, in addition to their taste buds.

Full Point of Sale Integration:
At EZ-Chow, online orders are injected directly into your existing Point of Sale.

Orders automatically print to your kitchen printers or display on your KDS. Existing reports will continue to run, and include digital order sales information. The EZ-Chow solution provides for accurate, efficient and streamlined carry-out and delivery operations.


Ready to increase revenue?