Do I need a tablet to take orders?

Custom, Enterprise Integrated Digital Ordering:

Orders placed via your branded website are automatically injected into your POS and fire off to the kitchen printer. Spot on order accuracy, fast and reliable. Multi location discounts available.

Do I have to use a different credit card processor?

Credit Card Processing:

EZ-Chow will process payments with your existing processor. This provides streamlined reporting and 100% of the net sale will be included in your nightly batches. If you are using EMV, you will need to set up a separate ecommerce gateway, but if not, payments will pass through directly to your POS.  

Which POS do you integrate with?

Pos System:

We integrate with most major POS systems on the market. Certain system requirements are necessary, for more information, contact EZ-Chow to discuss.

Do you offer delivery for our customers?


We can assist you in setting up delivery to your patrons. Delivery support is available in many forms:

  • In house delivery support
  • Automatically send your orders to the local courier of your choice
  • 3rd party delivery company order injection, inquire to see if your area is covered
Is there flexible reporting?

Custom Reporting:

No two restaurants are the same, we understand this. Custom reports that you need to efficiently operate your business are available.

Do I have to use a POS system in order to work with you?

Coming soon:

A non-integrated solution will be available to assist ALL restaurants seeking a unique, branded online ordering solution.

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