EZ-Chow and Patronix Partnership Enables Merchant Loyalty Rewards

The Louisville-based EZ-Chow is now offering their merchant partners product loyalty rewards through a partnership with Patronix.

EZ-Chow’s digital ordering platform can integrate with the leading Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and now can integrate with the Patronix loyalty platform which provides customer engagement solutions and loyalty programs for restaurants, retail chains, and convenience stores.

Mo Sloan, founder and CEO of EZ-Chow said this is another feature that the EZ-Chow can offer their merchant partners that will enable the business to build upon itself year after year with a customer loyalty program that grows brand and delivers an experience customer expect.

Loyalty programs offer the ability to reach new and existing customers whom will create 80% of your future revenue. These high-impact programs drive more visits, create a higher spend per visit and increase your customers value by 23%.

The demand is there for multi-unit restaurant, independent restaurants and convenience stores where you can bring guests to your location while growing your business with promotions and offers that are personalized based on customer activity and data.

Loyalty members spent 27.3% more after joining a loyalty program.

National brands like Papa John’s and Pizza Hut have been able to retain their customers, offer promotions and engage fading customer with their loyalty programs giving them a advantage with the data they are collecting and then using with 1:1 marketing.

Sloan said utilizing and integrating a loyalty program allows restaurants to engage guests with the right messages at the right time to drive additional revenue and order frequency.

“The data that merchants will be able to gather from their customers is critical in driving their business and repeat visits. The data can then be used to help drive business decisions, increase revenue and help with menu management while also adding more personalized experiences within the ordering platforms. It is important to build brand loyalty with the ability to reach new customers, retain exciting customers and to use data to spot and identify customers who are fading from brand.”

Sloan said EZ-Chow’s first loyalty partner is Copeland’s of New Orleans. He added that a number of the company’s existing partners are also very excited for this new feature.

“We are very excited about the loyalty program integration with the EZ-Chow online solution and how our Copeland’s of New Orleans guests are going to benefit from joining our Lagniappe Club and how we can use the loyalty data to offer a more personalized experience,” said Bill Goudey, Managing Partner of Copeland’s of New Orleans, Atlanta Franchisee.

Sloan started EZ-Chow in 2015 to help small restaurants in need of an online ordering platform that would integrate with its point-of-sale (POS) system. EZ-Chow has solutions such as an Online Ordering Solutions and Self-Ordering Kiosk Solutions that integrate into your existing POS systems. To learn how EZ-Chow can help you with these initiatives and more, get started by contacting us here – https://ez-chow.com/.

Copeland’s of New Orleans opened their doors in 1983 with a casually festive atmosphere combines New Orleans flavor and comfort with an upscale sensibility. From the Creole favorites that embody the heart and soul of Southern Louisiana, to our flavorful takes on seafood, pasta, salads, steaks and desserts, we offer something for everyone. For more information on Copeland’s, visit their website https://www.copelandsatlanta.com/



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