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What can independent restaurants learn from Sea World?

The question you may be asking is, what does a small-independant restaurant have in common with a large, well-known "theme park"?

Alot more than you think. Granted, Sea World is a theme park which serves millions of guest a year, while your restaurant may be significantly smaller. However, both Sea World and your independent restaurant are in the business of acquiring customers disposable incomes.

Yeah, yeah, but other than that, what else do we have in common?
The recent announcement that Sea World will stop breeding orcas, and making them perform tricks, was a surprise. The change is a result of the shift of society's attitudes toward animals. Humans comfortablity with animals in captivity, for the sole purpose of our entertainment pleasure, has changed. Various reasons to attribute this societal shift, including films, books, legislation, or just people's feelings in general.

I hear you, but still what does this have to do with ME and MY RESTAURANT?
A single word. CHANGE. Seaworld is changing their policy, because, we as consumers have changed. All businesses will need to evolve their business model over the course of time. The businesses that embrace change, will thrive. Change is inevitable, the rules that you operated with 20 years ago, don't apply. Even the rules that you operated with 5 years ago(Groupon anyone?), don't apply. If you still are using an antiquated cash register, you are not evolving. If you upgraded to a cloud based POS or an enterprise point-of-sale like Micros, Aloha, or Positouch, AND you don't offer online ordering integrated with your system, you are not evolving.

I'm not trying to scare you with hypothetical statements, this is a fact. Woolworth? Sears? Entities thought "too big to fail". Will it happen overnight? Of course not, your restaurant that perhaps your parents/family/relatives before you, or even yourself worked so hard to grow, build, and make profitable, will die a slow death. Without the tools, in place that you need to survive in a 21st century technology based economy, you probably won't even notice your slow bleeding of market share, until your revenue streams start drying up, worse than a drop of water in the middle of the dessert.

So what can I do to "pivot" my organization forward?
Research, educate yourself on tools that can help your restaurant control costs, increase market share, improve customer experience, improve order throughput, etc. We at EZ-Chow love to talk with restaurants about technology, regardless if you decide to use our solutions. Our goal is to help restaurants grow and be profitable, be a technical solutions partner that will guide them on how to stay relevant in the Technology Age. Contact us at 855-429-2532 or email us at info@ez-chow.com or if you want to talk, schedule a short 15 minute no-obligation consultation.

Whatever you do, just prepare, be ready, and embrace the change. Remember, CHANGE IS GOOD.

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