Goodfellas Pizza, a 5 location chain based in Ft. Pierce, Fl needed to add online ordering.  The local favorite for take out and delivery wanted to respond to the customer requests for online ordering.  Joe Bompartito began the search, interviewing at least 20 different companies, trying to find the right solution that would allow his staff to satisfy more customers while decreasing errors associated with taking phone orders. 

His list of needs were:

  • Allow customers to order and customize anything on their menu
  • Work with current Goodfellas locations with the ability to expand to future locations
  • Integrate directly with their MICROS POS system so that orders would show up in the kitchen as exactly as ordered
  • Be easy to install and use

Enter EZ-Chow, the solution that addressed all of his needs and has helped him not only reach his goals but is setting new sales records.  The enterprise solution, coupled with responsive customer service has made this project seamless for Joe, his staff and patrons.  Click here to learn more about the Goodfellas Case Study.  You can also find us at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Internet ordering and delivery has become a hot segment among startups, specifically restaurants. Dwelling in the “Attention Scarcity Age,” where everyone is overworked, overwhelmed and impatient, people are reluctant to visit sit-down restaurants and they don’t even want to bother with fast food and takeout. Consequently, the fastest growing segment of dining is delivery. Traditionally, pizza […]

Updating your Google Business listing to include your branded online ordering site can have many positive effects for your restaurant.  Most importantly you can increase your revenue by an average of 25%.   This business listing is crucial to high SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  This is how your customers find your EZ-Chow developed solution.  While you […]

Are 3rd party delivery companies eating your profit margin?  Sure, it’s an order you may not have received, but if you don’t profit, how valuable is it?  You may be asking yourself, is there another way to provide delivery without losing my shirt?  The answer is YES!

EZ-Chow offers the ability to integrate with 3rd party delivery companies.  This is dependent upon if they operate in your area of course, but here’s a summary of the process.  Once a customer places their order on your site and selects delivery, we “ping” the 3rd party company to inquire about the charges for delivery.  Once this information is received, it goes back to the ordering page with the delivery cost. When the customer approves of the charge, the order is pushed to your restaurant, directly into your POS and a message is sent to the delivery company.  The customer pays for the delivery:  zero percentage of the order is taken from the 3rd party delivery service, because the order was placed through your site.

So YES!, you can offer delivery to your customers without cost to you.  No hiring drivers, no buying a fleet of cars, or the insurance and risk associated.  And this is just one feature of integration that will thrill you.  Visit our site at to learn more about how EZ-Chow delivers convenience and can help increase your revenue exponentially.




Integration:  combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole. Online Ordering Integration coordinates the process of placing an order (i.e. food, product, etc) on your website and pushes the order directly into your Micros 3700, Micros Simphony, Aloha, Positouch, Brink/Par, Squirrel POS.  It eliminates the need for tablets, reduces phone calls, […]

Still on the fence, wondering if your restaurant would benefit from online ordering?  You should consider these tasty tidbits about the place of technology in the restaurant industry: 40% of restaurant customers prefer to order online When they do, their spend increased by 26% at QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) and 13% at Fast Casuals 40% […]

Micros is a robust, enterprise level point-of-sale. With the recent acquisition by Oracle, this will continue to be a industry leading point-of-sale system. If you are a restaurant owner and you currently use Micros, chances are you are heavily invested into the architecture from a cost, hardware, and usage standpoint. You need online ordering, but you […]

Do you know who your customers are?  When you work with EZ-Chow, with every order you are building your marketing database.  Access this valuable data and get to know your customers better than ever. Our powerful back-end administrative dashboard automatically collects email addresses, mobile phone numbers and addresses (if you offer delivery) for every person […]

Dynamic Wait Times Dynamic Wait Times give your customers an accurate (yes, it can be done) expected ready time for food pick up. EZ-Chow’s integrated system looks at the orders placed on-line AND “in house”, to determine the estimated ready time. Since we are integrated with your Micros 3700, Micros Simphony, Aloha, Positouch, Brink/Par POS, […]

Don’t forget about attracting Millennials to your restaurant, they are your future customers. Nearly a third of people 18 to 24 prefer ordering from the drive-thru at restaurants because “they don’t feel like dealing with people,” according to a study by Ohio-based Frisch’s Restaurants, which owns and franchises 120 Big Boy Restaurants. That’s bad news […]

Your customers live and work digitally on computers, tablets and smartphones, and they expect you to live there, too. Constantly on-the-go, today’s consumers are demanding seamless and advanced ordering options when it comes to their daily meals. David Portalatin, Vice President, Industry Advisor – Food & Beverage Consumption states that almost 8 percent of NPD’s measured […]