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Do I need a pos system for my restaurant?

Point-of-Sale is a necessity in 2015

We were recently at a SOFO Foods Tradeshow in Atlanta. The trade show was a great opportunity to speak to clients of Sofo Foods. However, one of the more disheartening things we heard was, "We don't want or need a POS (Point-of-Sale) system." I understand restaurateurs are cash-strapped. I also understand that restaurateurs expertise is not in technology. However, technology has changed the game, it can make the smallest restaurant profitable and efficient, and in turn, can make the restaurant with 100 locations ineffective, wasteful, and revenue neutral. With various POS systems from cloud based systems, to traditional server based systems available(micros, aloha, and positouch, for example), deciding on a point-of-sale can be challenging. The important concept to remember is efficiency. You want a system which allows you to do what you do best, manage your restaurant and get your customers fed. In future post, we will talk about the various point-of-sale systems available, as well as how online ordering can help grow your business, even if carryout or delivery orders aren't a big part of your operating strategy at the moment.

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