Benefits of Restaurant Technology to Help Retain and Attract Talent

There have been many recent articles and news reports that discuss how technology will replace workers, help with the “great resign” and staffing shortages that have been exacerbated by the COVID pandemic.

What is not often discussed is how that same technology can improve wages, improve employee benefits and be used as a tool to retain and attract talent.

The restaurant and hospitality industries have seen the positive impact of technology and how brands use technology to improve the customer experience.

Below are two technologies that improve the overall brand experience for both your customers and your staff.

  1. Online Ordering
    Online ordering is a customer facing tool to expand your channels of accepting orders. The side benefits of customers ordering online, by nature, cut down on errors, speeds up the ordering process and removes the need for face-to-face interaction between the customers and staff. The team member can focus on other areas of service and customer experience leaving the customer satisfied.
  2. Self-service Kiosks
    Kiosks, like online ordering, remove barriers, reduce errors, and allow customers to order on their own, at their pace. This has a positive impact on the team member as they can turn their attention to the customer’s in-store experience. More consistent and positive customer experiences mean higher tickets, higher tips, improved relationship building and loyal customers that respect your staff.

Next, we will dive into how technology can provide other benefits that promote culture, loyalty, and inclusion.

Employee Benefits
Savings you experience from technology can be invested invest back into your employees. Higher wages, more flexibility in scheduling, and incentives not typically available are now possibilities. Look at ways to offer insurance, profit sharing and even options of ownership.

Empower Employees
Giving your employees a voice allows them to feel empowered to make suggestions and recommendations that will benefit your business and brand. Give them a seat at the table to provide their insights. Listen to their suggestions for what could the employee experience. Provide the tools that will make them successful.

Customer Knowledge
An ancillary benefit of online ordering and kiosks ordering is the knowledge you gain about your customers. You and your staff now have the data to learn more about the customer and to understand their ordering habits. What are their preferences and tendencies? This knowledge is important to give your staff information to act on. You can create awareness of each customer and center the ordering experience to the individual.

If your employees are not properly trained, your customer will suffer and this will result in a negative experience. Investment in your training sets your employees up for success and proves to them you are dedicated to the same.

Employee Feedback
As with empowering an employee, it is important to hear their feedback on what is working and where improvements need to be made. An employee is more likely to work harder when they know they are being heard.

Productivity, Effectiveness and Efficiency
Technology should make it easier for the employee to perform their responsibilities, to allow more productizing, and to be more effective and efficient. Technology which adds complexity is simply creating a negative experience. Allow the team to help with user-testing so they also have a voice and can share insights as a customer.

A happy employee that wants to be there = a happy customer.

Focus on the technology and people that work for you and how you can use technology to have a positive impact, to help retain and attract new talent.

EZ-Chow has solutions such as Online Ordering and Self-Ordering Kiosks that integrate into your existing POS systems. To learn how EZ-Chow can help you with these initiatives, and more, get started by contacting us here.



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