3 Tech Trends Your Business Should Try in 2022

We can all agree that the pandemic has drastically changed the way of our world in more ways than one. From supply-chain shortages, labor shortages, and a rise of inflation, it’s impacted the restaurant industry significantly. Now more than ever, it’s become vital for businesses and restaurants to use technology to their advantage.

Here are three ways your restaurant can leverage technology trends and use them to benefit both your customer and your business.

Digital is the way to go

With Covid cases on the rise, many customers are looking for contactless options such as online ordering, delivery, and take-out options, as well as having QR-code menus. EZ-Chow is here to help you with all things related to online ordering and we can help move your restaurant forward digitally to increase your revenue.

Loyalty programs increase return

With the supply-chain issues and rising inflation, everything is becoming more expensive, including food. As a way to retain your customer base, restaurants need to offer incentives that allow their customers to feel rewarded for their loyalty. Studies even show that over 69% of customers have stated that loyalty programs incentivize them to frequent a restaurant more often.

Self-serving experiences

While many guests enjoy interacting with staff, there are still consumers who prefer a more contactless interaction, such as self-ordering and self-payment. Many restaurants have begun to offer self-payment via tablets on the tables or even pay by phone. This type of tech not only helps solve the desire for contactless interaction for consumers but also reduces the staff workload.

Customers are wanting more convenience and control during their restaurant experience. Giving guests the technology to fulfill those needs will be key to your restaurant’s success this year and moving forward.

3 technology trends that will shape how restaurants function in 2022 (nrn.com)

Learn how EZ-Chow can help you with these initiatives and more, get started by contacting us here.



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