Easter Eat-In, Potbelly Pantry and #ThePlateFund

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April 2, 2020
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April 28, 2020

Ez-Chow Easter Eat-In, Potbelly Pantry and #ThePlateFund

Saving Restaurants: ‘The Heartbeat of the Nation’

Noting that restaurants are the “heartbeat of the nation,” Kwame Onwuachi was among the more than 3,500 chefs, restaurateurs and workers from across the country of the Independent Restaurant Coalition who called on Congress to take urgent new actions to ensure independent restaurants and the 11 million people they employ are able to survive the Coronavirus pandemic. In a letter sent to congressional leaders, the Coalition lays out a series of critical policy actions that Congress should take now to ensure the nearly 500,000 independent restaurants that contribute close to $1 trillion to our economy are able to not only reopen but stay open through the year as the economy slowly recovers and the nation gradually returns to normal rates of socialization.

“We have significant issues with the CARES Act treatment of independent restaurants as it currently stands. If these can be resolved to better reflect the realities of our industry’s unique operating challenges, we will have a better chance of reopening, rebuilding, and ensuring our continued position as fundamental to the fabric of our rich and diverse communities across America,” the letter states.

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