Mobile-ordering exec: ‘Third-party delivery doesn’t have to be so pricey’

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February 21, 2020
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March 17, 2020

Mobile-ordering exec: 'Third-party delivery doesn't have to be so pricey'

EZ-Chow, a new player in the mobile ordering and delivery scene, said its fees are much lower than other third-party platforms.

Imagine partnering with a third-party delivery platform and only giving them 2% to 3% of each order. That’s a reality for Ryan Bridgeman, president and CEO of Manna Inc., which owns nearly 300 restaurant franchises in Louisville. He recently hooked up with EZ-Chow, a growing player in the mobile ordering and delivery space that takes only 2-3% per transaction. 

“The fee structure is not one-sided; it is beneficial to us and also to our customers,” said Bridgeman, who pays $95 per month plus 30 cents per transaction or order. “With the other third-party providers, the fees are generally a pretty large percentage (15-25%) of the sale rather than a flat fee.”

How it works
EZ-Chow Founder Mo Sloan said the reason his company can offer such a low fee is that its core services don’t include marketing or delivery. 

“We are not a marketing (menu aggregator), like most third-party ordering companies, nor are we a delivery company,” he said. “Our pricing is based on providing the merchant their own direct ordering and engagement channel.”

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