The New Faces of Valentine’s Day

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Appeal to audiences of all ages with Valentine's Day deals that are smart, fun and highly creative.


While flowers and chocolates remain high as a Valentine’s Day gift, consumers are looking for new ways to celebrate this day, creatively, yet easy to arrange.

This shift is caused by a more socially conscious and influential younger generation. And they’re the ones in charge: younger millennials, ages 23–29, are the most likely generation to celebrate Valentine’s since they make up the bulk of singles looking for love or couples settling down. Gen X is close behind when it comes to spending money on their loved ones, followed by the baby boomer generation.

Gen Z and millennials, however, aren’t as interested in over-the-top romantic plans. They’re celebrating Valentine’s Day for the fun of it and aren’t interested in over-hyping their plans.

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73% of millenials and Gen Zers think that Valentine’s Day is just a good opportunity to show affection to their loved ones.

That said, 50% of 13-36 year olds still keep an eye out for Valentine-themed sales and promotions, so embrace the holiday. Try to prep for it in a way that highlights all the meaningful relationships people may have.

Here are Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that will help you capitalize on this well-established holiday and target your audience in a fun, engaging and memorable way.

Think beyond romance

Romantic love is what started it, but the key to a successful Valentine’s Day marketing campaign is thinking non-romantically as well. For example:

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Join the “Galentine’s Day” trend. Galentine’s day takes place on February 13, celebrating female friendships. This nonofficial holiday originates from a viral episode of the Parks and Recreation TV series and has become a popular real-life event among millennials. You can create a social media post or a whole marketing campaign around this day.

Prepare & promote your irresistible offer

  • For your traditional couples, create a romantic dinner for 2 – complete with reservations, flowers, linens, multi course dining experience.
  • Galentines specials: comparable to a ladies’ night out. ½ off bottles of wine, creative drink special (Cranberry Gal-aritas), and of course a dreamy chocolate dessert!
  • Take one of your best sellers and alter it with a Valentine’s Day vibe.

Be creative, for example, throw in some Passionfruit, hot~n~steamy sides, spicy entrées, endless love salads, McDreamy desserts. Have fun!

  • Create a themed email campaign.Once you’ve prepared your offer,let your customers know about your deal with an email campaign. You can download your email list from the Admin Dashboard, to reach your most loyal customers. The most important detail in your campaign is the subject line. The highest open rates come from subject lines that create urgency. Remind the customers that reservations are required for Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day celebrations and nudge them to call as soon as possible.

Make a splash on social media

  • Promote your offer not just through email, but through your other brand marketing channels as well, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to have some fun and interact with your patrons. 
  • Let your visitors and customers get in on the fun through user-generated content
    • Create a hashtag and ask your audience to submit their photos with your product. You can then pick the winner using an app or ask others to like their favorite photo. Offer a nice prize to incentivize participation. #iloveJoespizza
    • Ask people to share a funny or cringy date story. Funny date fails are super entertaining to read. Host a giveaway and ask other readers to upvote their favorite story.
    • Invite your audience to share stories of love (and even heartbreak). Use storytelling to build a connection with your audience and create a sense of community.
    • Create a Valentine’s Day poll. With a quick tap, your audience becomes more engaged with your brand and you gain valuable insights about your customers. Very easy to create in Twitter!
    • Include hashtags to widen your reach, but don’t use them haphazardly—they should be an organic part of your #question.

Support a charity that’s close to your heart

Valentine’s Day is also a good time to give back and show a little love to the world outside your circle. 

  • Make a pledge to donate part of your Valentine’s Day profits to a charity of your choice. 
  • To spread the word, you can create a Facebook profile frame that charity supporters can use.
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Let your patrons feel the love & appreciation you have for them!

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