Self Order Kiosks Facilitate Satisfaction Across the Board

3rd Party Delivery Integration Launches
August 14, 2018
December 12, 2018

Respond to the convenience lifestyle – it’s here to stay

In the past two decades, restaurants have become a mainstay for the average U.S. consumer. Eating out has become the daily norm rather than the occasional treat that we baby boomers remember.

The “convenience” lifestyle has brought its share of inconvenience, however. Consumers have had no choice but to stand in line and wait for their order to be prepared and delivered. Seriously?!

There is a solution, self-order kiosks make it possible for guests to quickly place and pay for an order, confident that it will be delivered to the kitchen immediately and accurately.

The technology also enables the restaurant to redeploy labor to more critical areas, such as welcoming customers and paying closer attention to the overall guest experience.

James Wehner, McDonald’s director of global digital experience, told Kiosk Marketplace last year that the most important thing about the self-order kiosk is that it’s a facilitator, not a replacement, for restaurant staff. The main benefits are improvements in customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, order accuracy and store revenue.

Self-order kiosks are not arriving in a vacuum. They are migrating to restaurants with online ordering and mobile pay. Working together, the technologies make the guest experience more convenient and enjoyable.

The evidence is in

According to restaurant operators who have deployed these technologies, they work. Blaine Hurst, CEO and president of Panera Bread, said in his presentation at this year’s National Retail Federation show that visits among customers using kiosks increased 12 percent after 12 months.

As the deployments continue, the improved convenience will change the customer’s perception of Quick Serve Restaurants and fast casual restaurants, provided that  restaurants take advantage of the opportunity.

The opportunity is waiting, and restaurants shouldn’t wait to seize it. EZ-Chow enables establishments to embrace the “convenience” lifestyle and increase satisfaction across the board. What are you waiting for?

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