Considering Kiosks? Consider this….
July 17, 2018
3rd Party Delivery Integration Launches
August 14, 2018

Uber Eats announced it acquired orderTalk, a Dallas-based restaurant technology company with technology and expertise related to point of sale (POS) integrations. OrderTalk, founded in 1998 and launched as a software as a service company in 2004, integrates with POS providers and payment processing vendors.

Uber Eats plans to wind down other orderTalk features over the coming year, including the ability for restaurants to accept online orders through the orderTalk platform.

There seem to be several unknowns for their current customer base, as a result, many are looking at their options. Is your hospitality organization looking for an alternative solution? A solution that will stick around for a while, partner with you and grow with you as you grow.

EZ-Chow offers custom, integrated online ordering solutions for hospitality concepts of all sizes. From 1 location and larger. It’s a family-based company that is customer service oriented and technologically advanced. Need 3rd party delivery integration? No problem. EZ-Chow partners with restaurants around the globe to provide and enhance their integrated digital ordering experience. To learn more, visit, your orderTalk option.

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