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June 6, 2018
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July 19, 2018

Customers today are tech savvy and expect the same level of technological sophistication wherever they shop, particularly in restaurants.  

In today’s fast-paced environment, your patrons want to buy things quickly, which is why unattended kiosks are becoming more common in foodservice, particularly for restaurants. Research shows that 42% of diners would use self-service ordering kiosks if available.   Coupled with integrated online ordering, and you are meeting the desires of many of your patrons.

Why kiosks? A good deal of data suggests kiosks help boost restaurant business. So it makes sense to develop a kiosk strategy for your brand, if you haven’t already because these tools can yield the following benefits:


Most restaurants are busy places at meal times, with the kind of long lines that can easily deter potential customers. With kiosks, flipping through options on a screen generally is faster than a conversation, especially because kiosks are often visually driven and don’t require much reading. Kiosks almost exclusively rely on credit or debit cards, so that there’s no fumbling with cash. This process saves wait time for regular customers who know what they want.

Improved order accuracy

Mistakes happen and often improper or incorrect food preparations occurs as the result of mistakes along the ordering process, from cashiers who incorrectly enter order specifics or fail to hear customers well to any number of order information relay errors. Digital kiosks give customers easy and accurate ways to customize orders and ensure the accuracy before payment and order submission.

Improved data collection capabilities

Kiosks allow restaurant operators to capture large amounts of data on their customers’ buying habits. For instance, current solutions allow restaurant owners to track everything from in-restaurant traffic and meal purchasing patterns, to most frequently searched menu items and many more. Quicker ordering also affords merchants better opportunities to capture additional customer data via short surveys o

Easier loyalty program enrollment

Loyalty programs are customer relationship strengtheners and are phenomenally easy to enroll in and use from a kiosk touchscreen display.

Increased sales

Self-order kiosks have taken the restaurant and quick-service industries by storm. With McDonald’s finding that the average check size increases by $1.00 and 20% more customers end up ordering a drink, there’s proof in the revenue numbers.

The kiosk never forgets to ask.

Kiosk software can be programmed to cross sell and upsell, resulting in higher average overall check totals. Industry experts say the average check for orders placed at a kiosk is 15-20% higher than orders at traditional checkout systems.

Reduced costs

Restaurants that put kiosks in place give operators new latitude to lower their labor costs by reallocating restaurant staff to areas where they can better benefit the business and be more productive, yielding net gains in both labor productivity and costs.

On the back end, kiosks give restaurants flexibility to change their menus often without having to worry about reprinting menus. They can also spotlight different items at different times of the day or promote dishes that are selling well or that they would like to sell more of.

Customer experience improvement

Many restaurant customers are either busy or prefer not to interact with restaurant staff, particularly younger Gen Z and millennial patrons. Kiosks take that person-to-person interaction out of the equation, while simultaneously reducing the chances of human error and typically cutting the time to purchase. All told, that adds up to a better overall customer experience. 

The potential benefits make it clear that restaurant operators with a mind for the future of their businesses are wise to set down some plans for kiosks now, if not a full-blown business strategy.

*Flickr photo by McDonald’s Switzerland

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