Integrated Online Ordering with Postmates

Making the Connection between your existing POS and your Hungry Customers
March 28, 2018
Recent Online Ordering Statistics
April 24, 2018

Would you like to add delivery to your restaurant without the risk, vehicles and insurance associated? EZ-Chow, integrated with Postmates, can bring it to you and your patrons. Through our custom, enterprise solution, orders placed through your website that request delivery, can be routed through the Postmates system, allowing your patrons the convenience of delivery, without the margins incurred by the restaurant.  The patron pays for the delivery, not you.

Postmates is large and growing daily.  They help to create $6.6 billion in U.S. economic activity each year, per a study published this week that estimated the broader effect of its service. Postmates sold more than $1 billion worth of goods by connecting more than 35 million households to local business in 300 U.S. cities. The company has 160,000 couriers who collectively earned $216.8 million last year, or an average of $18.32 an hour.  If you are in a Postmates delivery area, this economic boost can be within your grasp.EZ-Chow can help your restaurant deliver!

To learn more, visit – the solution to your delivery dreams.

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