Solving Restaurants’ Delivery Needs

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February 22, 2018
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Internet ordering and delivery has become a hot segment among startups, specifically restaurants.

Dwelling in the “Attention Scarcity Age,” where everyone is overworked, overwhelmed and impatient, people are reluctant to visit sit-down restaurants and they don’t even want to bother with fast food and takeout. Consequently, the fastest growing segment of dining is delivery.

Traditionally, pizza chains were the only ones that offered delivery. Over the years, they built their own infrastructure by employing drivers with their own cars and training them to know the local area, follow maps, and deliver the pizza hot.  However, this comes with a high price tag of vehicle costs, risk (insurance) and manpower.

Now, all the other restaurants (including McDonald’s) want to immediately offer delivery, but they don’t have the time or interest in building up their own delivery service.   Instead, they are turning to 3rd party companies that provide these services.  Smart, right?  The problem is, these delivery services virtually eat up the slim profit margin that restaurants make.

Another issue is, with so many different startups signing up the same customers, customers get different delivery experiences, depending on which app they used to order.  For example, delivery time can stretch from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.  Often the food arrives cold, not the experience you want for your loyal customers.

For a small restaurant, wanting to provide delivery for their clientele and stay in the game with the “big boys”, there is an alternate solution.  EZ-Chow provides integrated online ordering for small to large restaurants across the country.  By accessing the open API of the 3rd party delivery companies, this connects your customer to you, and provides delivery service without their whopping 10-30% charge, because the order is placed through YOUR website. EZ-Chow can customize your delivery area, ensuring the food doesn’t have to travel across town, avoiding the cold food, disgruntled experience. To learn more, visit – the solution to your delivery dilemmas.

EZ-Chow can help your restaurant deliver!

EZ-Chow can help your restaurant deliver!


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