Halloween need not be scary with POS Integrated Online Ordering
October 29, 2017
Attracting Millennials To Your Food Establishment
February 16, 2018

EZC dynamically adjusts digital ordering, based on your current customer volume, online and in-house.

Online ordering removes limits. Your restaurant is no longer bound by how many phone lines or available employees you have to take orders. You’ve gone from orders trickling in though a garden hose, to an unlimited volume pulsing through a fire hydrant. EZ-Chow’s throttling feature is a control valve that allows you to set order volume parameters.

Example: You and your operations team, determine maximum capacity of on line orders to be 15 online originated orders, in the past 10 minutes. Once the 15th order is placed, that customer will be advised that the restaurant is not accepting online orders at that time and to contact the restaurant. Once the order threshold is below 15, new orders will automatically be accepted again.

This is strictly an optional feature – one of the many ‘peace of mind’ perks EZ-Chow POS Integrated Online Ordering provides your restaurant.

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