Halloween need not be scary with POS Integrated Online Ordering

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September 2, 0201
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December 14, 2017

Picture this scary scene: a starving dad and his even hungrier family, just finished with a 5 mile trek through the neighborhood, up and down hills, avoiding those crazy people, telling his children to say “please and thank-you”, what is the last thing this family wants to see? …[queue the scary music]…a Stove/Oven and dirty dishes [end of scary music].

Without Online Ordering your profit looks scarier

You can let your customers avoid getting #hangry and avoid this horrific scene by offering your customers the ability to quickly order online, from your restaurant’s website and injecting these orders directly into your POS, thereby turning your POS to a virtual employee! If you have a restaurant which offers take out service, and you don’t offer online ordering you are missing out on an important revenue channel. If you have online ordering, but it’s not integrated with your POS, you might as well NOT have online ordering. Why? It’s simple with a point-of-sale integrated online ordering solution, you “free” up an employee to do more important things, instead of spending time on the phone or moving orders from your online ordering system to your point-of-sale, the employee can be working in the kitchen, or providing customer service, and making sure your guest are satisfied. Let’s evaluate the numbers below:

Part time employee $10.00/hour
Hours per week 25
Allocated to answering TO-GO/Delivery/Carryout orders 15 hours per week
Gross Salary $250.00/week
Gross Salary(not including benefits, insurance, etc) $250.00/week
Employee’s Cost for Answering Phones/Taking Orders $150.00/week

Now let’s say, you cut the employee’s time answering phones/taking orders/migrating orders over to your Micros or Positouch POS, from 15 hours per week to 4 hours per week. How can you do this? By offering a POS online ordering solution; now you are paying only $40.00 per week and saving $110.00 per week. In addition, the employee can now be allocated to another job responsibility, providing your restaurant opportunity cost savings.

Could your restaurant stand to save over $400.00 a month?
For a limited time EZ-Chow, is offering a limited time promotion of POS integrated online ordering for less than a $1,000 one-time setup fee and monthly fee so low, it scared our accountants. Don’t let next Halloween, trick you, sign up at https://ez-chow.com to get the treats, your restaurant needs.

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