Halloween need not be scary with POS Integrated Online Ordering
October 29, 2017

Your customers live and work digitally on computers, tablets and smartphones, and they expect you to live there, too. Constantly on-the-go, today’s consumers are demanding seamless and advanced ordering options when it comes to their daily meals.

David Portalatin, Vice President, Industry Advisor – Food & Beverage Consumption states that almost 8 percent of NPD’s measured universe of $1.8 trillion in U.S. consumer purchasing is now online. In some industries, online penetration is as high as 30 percent. In both retail food and foodservice, e-commerce penetration is far lower than the average across industries, but the gap is shrinking fast as Americans turn to e-commerce for groceries, restaurant meals, and subscription meal kits. The manufacturers, retailers, and restaurant operators that best leverage digital will win in today’s challenging environment. 

Another factor to consider is, thanks to a changing workforce, the ease of online shopping, and the boom in streaming entertainment, there are fewer reasons than ever to leave the house. Whether or not they prepare food themselves or purchase it from a restaurant, people are increasingly eating at home. Forty nine percent of dinners purchased at restaurants are consumed at home. Manufacturers, retailers, and operators can win by making it easier to get foods and beverages to the home.

Young People Ordering

Happy Customers using your Point-of-Sale Integrated Ordering

EZ-Chow makes entering this space easy and convenient.  We integrate on line ordering with your Point of Sale, easing this transition into the e-commerce platform. You will see reduced phone calls that distract from in house service, increased volume per order and order error reduction.  Whether you are a restaurant or service industry provider, visit EZ-Chow.com to see how we can help propel your business, and revenue, forward.  It’s time!


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