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Micros POS Online Ordering

POS Integrated Online Ordering

Micros is a robust, enterprise level point-of-sale. With the recent acquisition by Oracle, this will continue to be a industry leading point-of-sale system. If you are a restaurant owner and you currently use Micros, chances are you are heavily invested into the architecture from a cost, hardware, and usage standpoint. You need online ordering, but you don't want to purchase additional systems, you want to leverage your existing point-of-sale. This is where our company can help. Integrating directly with Micros is cost-prohibitive for most smaller restaurant organizations, sometimes in the tens of thousands. We make integration affordable, you can have a branded online ordering website, that interacts directly with your existing point-of-sale. What does this mean for you, the busy restaurant owner? You can concentrate on running your restaurant operations, and leave the technology to us. No additional hardware or software, is needed. Customers will create orders, as if the order was coming from directly inside the store. No additional credit card processing fees, no need to wait on receiving settlement, you will receive fund settlement, just as you do today. You have an expensive and robust system, why not use its full capabilities? Visit http://ez-chow.com OR schedule a brief 15-minute conversation to learn how we can help your bottom line with micros pos integrated online ordering.

Oracle Micros Online Ordering
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